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Our Story

Bera Jewels, one of the leading names in the jewelry industry in Ahmedabad, was established in 1987. Known for its excellent craftsmanship and cordial customer service, this jewelry hub has gained popularity among customers in Ahmedabad as well as in other parts of the country. The business specializes in GOLD, DIAMOND and PLATINUM jewelry manufacturing.

With excellence in MANUFACTURING, CREATIVITY, CRAFTSMANSHIP & DESIGNING, Bera Jewels has completed a remarkable journey of 36 YEARS in this highly competitive market.

We are an EXPERIENCED and PROFESSIONALLY MANAGED MULTI-FACETED JEWELERY COMPANY associated with top artisans and designers which has given us the credentials of becoming trusted supplier for our clients.

Bera Jewels has a knack for harnessing talented designers and artisans to create cutting edge jewelry to satiate customers. If you have a design in mind and want to bring it to life, we will be at your disposal. And if you’re looking forward to kick-starting your own jewelry brand, we’ll be happy to collaborate.

At Bera Jewels, the ultimate goal is customer satisfaction and delivering what you exactly want is a priority.

The company is planning an expansion in the near future to cater to a larger client base and increasing demands of high quality jewelry. The incorporation of avant-garde equipment and computerized design techniques have changed the way jewelry is manufactured at Bera Jewels. We assure our clients design confidentiality and quality guarantee.

Through years of nurture and toiling, Bera Jewels has transformed into a paradigm that was once only dreamt of.    We have been successful in leaving a mark in the jewelry industry with tremendous growth in the past couple of years due to our unique products and path-breaking customer service. Our aim, now, is to outperform ourselves and exceed the expectations of our clients each time!

Our Philosophy

A collective passion of art and architecture inspires the team of Bera Jewels to bring a fresh prosprective to the intricate, time- honoured craftsmanship of each meticulously handwoven creation.

The inspiration that drives our designers to create the most fascinating

With designs that capture the beauty and celebration of special occasions in the life of the woman, we aim to be an integral part of her journey. We found our way into the wardrobes of women and men who are looking for contemporary designs and custom jewellery. With fabulously ornate creations in gold, diamonds, Kundan, Polki and precious stones, Bera Jewels is never short of a piece of beauty and glory that can compliment you.

The passion and vision of our craftsmen translate into beautiful and high quality

There is little in this world that can compare to the luminescent sparkle of a diamond. Magnificent and breathtaking, Bera Jewels’ pieces come together to make statement, pieces that celebrate eternal love and commemorate lasting relationships. Our Karigars are provided with world-class facilities, a safe and supportive environment to create what we call jewellery. With the advancement of jewellery making equipment and technology, our workers also receive training and access to these top-of-the-line machines to aid in the creation process of their masterpieces.

We love the idea of working with and supporting other growing businesses!

Who we work with

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Retail Stores

If you are a retailer or E-Commerce store that needs your unique jewelry manufactured, we can help.Our Team produces flawless, high-quality jewelry with a fast turnaround time. From CAD design to production to polishing, we will make sure your jewelry collection is ready for sale

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We assist both new and aspiring designers and well-known brands to develop their creations. Creating a realistic digital render of your design and we also take care of the complete production process. We will guide and help you turn your vision into your own line of jewelry

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Private Clients

We also craft custom jewelry for private clients. Whatever be your jewelry dream, we make it happen. We create jewelry that is one of a kind and is unique. Our team of expert designers work with you, hand in hand to make sure your jewelry is just like you envisioned.

It’s impossible for me to talk about Bera Jewels without acknowledging that a lot is connected to the context where our creativity was born: Gujarat, that gifted us with works of elevated goldsmithing to admire and emulate. Bera Jewels simply added its own inspiration and dedication.

The Minds

Nandolal Bera

The young entrepreneur who started with no knowledge and no money. Holding the craze to do something of his own, he moves out of home and landed at the suburbs of Ahmedabad. The struggle for life was real, did odd jobs to earn his living, in search of a stable job he started working as a karigar. Working with top most dedication he  mastered the skill of jewelry making and become expert.

With the vision to fly high he starts up his own venture and sets up his very own jewelry manufacturing workshop. It was a small setup but the ambitions were high. With years passing by, that small work space grew in size and credibility.

After three decades of the first flight, the team grew so as the energy and dedication to create beautiful jewelry. With his son taking over the business, introduction of modern technology he positions himself as a supervising eye.

That young man grew old but his dreams to grow bigger is till green in his eyes. His passion and dedication is reflected by each jewelry that leaves the company, keeping a keen eye on the quality and creativity.

Pavitro Bera

An Employee turned Software Engineer, now an Entrepreneur. As a child, he had a profound passion for technology. With age that fascination grew and landed him to pursue Information Technology from Australia.

With more than 10 years of experience of entrepreneurship. Coming back to India he starts up IT Consulting Company and keeps seeking new opportunities to grow. While seeing his father who started his journey back in the year 1987 of manufacturing jewellery, he observed and understood that the current needs of jewellery industry have changed with times.

Seeing this opportunity, he joined hands with his father to grow the Jewelry business. The brand Bera Jewels was born with a vision of developing jewellery design concepts that aims at creating its own place and position in the jewellery industry. With over 7+ years of experience in Technology, Marketing and Product Development. He changes the dimension of the business by introducing digital system and organizing people at workplace. Today it operates on Modern Technology and is an ideal example of Professionally Organized Jewelry Manufacturing Company in India.

Our Pillars


Acquiring raw materials from credible vendors with a similar outlook towards values, standard and quality as us.


Providing adept and precise guidance to each customer in their selection and purchase of jewellery.


Exquisitely crafted jewelry for our clients exclusive designs and demands, we create dream jewelry.


Purity is the real ornament. Each jewellery is trademarked to offer real and complete affirmation to our clients.

Our Journey

Birth of a small jewelry manufacturing unit

2 Decades of start, the company know for its excellent quality

Introduction to modern technology

workforce doubles. Jewelry wholesale across Ahmedabad

Bera Jewels the brand was born, complete in-house processes

Expansion of business, digitization and global exports

Our clients

Driving technology for leading brands

Supported and Loved Worldwide What our clients say


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